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A Confidence-Building Children's Book for Our Littlest Vegans


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Dash! Zoom! Kick! Jump! Elizabeth wants to be a superhero when she grows up. But does she have what it takes?


Through vibrant illustrations and playful rhymes, I’m a Supervegan uses the wonder of childhood imagination to show Elizabeth’s journey through self-doubt.

In the end, Elizabeth realizes that by eating plants and making compassionate choices, she is brave, caring, and smart. She’s been a supervegan all along!

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Author of I'm a Supervegan: A Confidence-Building Children's Book for Our Littlest Vegans

Show the little vegans in your life they are brave, caring, and smart.



Hi everyone! I was inspired to write “I’m a Supervegan” by my daughter, Elizabeth. It can be tough for vegan children in a predominantly non-vegan world. I wanted her to have a gentle, fun, confidence-boosting book that showed all the benefits of being vegan while explaining how admirable she is for her choices. So I wrote and self-published it!


A little about me: I enjoy going on nature walks with my 5 and 7 year old daughters, visiting museums, and hanging out at the library. In addition to writing, I homeschool, teach piano, and teach ESL (English as a Second Language). I am also passionate about helping others incorporate more plant based meals into their rotation. Check out @clarkplantbasedmeals on Facebook to see what my family eats.

Lately I have been reading more picture books than novels. But I wouldn't have it any other way! Besides, the experience came in handy when writing this book. I hope you will check it out and tell your friends. Thanks for your support!!

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"Wouldn't it be super if everyone were vegan?

Living in a world we could truly believe in?


Big change starts small, with everyday choices.

Let's work together, be heroes for the voiceless."

Katie Clark


Columbus, Ohio, USA

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